Posted on January 4, 2018 at 12:04 am

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Actor Prashantt Guptha’s ‘Call To God’ Reaches The World!

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Prashantt Guptha has proven his acting ability time and again with his performances in movies like Neerja, Issaq and Identity Card.  Each movie showcased a different side to his personality and ability as an actor.  However, Prashantt is talented beyond just acting and possesses musical prowess too!  Now, this hidden talent – singing – is ready to be revealed to his fans… and what a reveal it is!  Prashantt has released an album called, Prashn, featuring covers of classic songs.  The goal of the album is to demonstrate how certain classical songs are lyrically relevant to today’s global issues and human suffering.  The first track is a reprisal of the classic, “Oh Duniya Ke Rakhwaale” from the 1952 film Baiju Bawra.

Mohammad Rafi’s evergreen “Oh Duniya Ke Rakhwale” is the first song in Prashantt’s music initiative.  He has poured his heart and soul into it, as you can see by his emotion!  This eternal song was composed by the great Naushad and penned by the equally great Shakeel BadayuniPrashantt chose to cover it as it was a popular classic Hindi film song, and is considered to be a difficult one to sing.  Most importantly, he picked this particular piece because of its sheer relevance in today’s times.  Moreover, it reflected his personal sentiment towards calling upon God to help people and the world through all its become.

Prashantt Gupta

Says Prashantt,

“This one song soulfully addresses the voice of all those calling upon God to see the hopelessness, sadness, struggles, loneliness, depression, and heart break.”

We are sure you will enjoy this track!

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