Posted on January 12, 2018 at 9:38 am

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Abraam Pandey: Modern Naarad made me who I am today

Actor Abraam Pandey has been part of multiple shows. But, he says that his last show Bakul Bua Ka Bhoot was the turning point in his career. The actor adds that his character of modern Naarad made him quite popular.

Abraam Pandey
Abraam Pandey

“This character made me who am I. People started knowing me, started loving the character. This character proved me as an actor in the industry. Also, I was offered Naarad’s role many times after this. But I refused as I did not want to play the same part again. I want to experiment more as an actor. It’s really hard to do mythological shows, but playing modern Naarad was a fun and I loved it. Modern Naarad established me as a versatile actor.”

Ask him if he is at all like Naarad, and he says,

“I am a very straightforward guy, I am blunt. I can say whatever I feel about the person, on his face even if it’s hurting him. I’m not like Naarad at all.”

He has a lot of fond memories of the show.

“Whenever a new show is on-air, we would all sit together and watch the first episode. You can say it is the tradition of the production house. One more memory is that on the first day, the second scene was mine and everybody were saying that ‘Yeh Naarad bohot cute hain’ so that was also a compliment for me. JD Majetia sir and Aatish Kapadia sir were 100% confident that I will do justice to the role. Also people said that they have never seen a Naarad like you, with a fit body and six pack abs. Earlier whoever played a Naarad were a bit ‘Gol Matol’.”

Talking about his association with the producers JD. Majetia and Aatish Kapadia, Abraam says,

“I am like a kid for JD. Majetia sir and Aatish Kapadia sir, they treat me like one too. They have taught me many things and are still teaching me. They support me a lot. My association with them is like family only. They must be legendary or big for many but for me, they are my family.”

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