Posted on December 22, 2017 at 12:15 pm

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Shweta Rohira and Evelyn Sharma join hands this Christmas

Shweta Rohira, doesn’t refrain from doing her bit for society. Christmas time is a time of celebration for Shweta, but it is also a time to give back as much as you can. And this is what Shweta does every year.

Shweta Rohira and Evelyn Sharma
Shweta Rohira and Evelyn Sharma

“The Christmas season is the best time for giving back to the universe, what we have received. By helping the less fortunate, we learn the invaluable lesson of thankfulness. It is very important to support a good cause, as it requires good team work. When many individuals come together and work for a cause, it helps many people and at the same time the message goes across that we all have to give back the energy that we have received.”

This year, Shweta had a yard sale along with actor Evelyn Sharma.

“I met Evelyn for the first time at her ‘Seams for Dreams’ cause last year and have been in touch with her since then. We had loved her concept of giving back for a cause in such a beautiful way. We all shop and when you shop for a cause it makes you happier,”

she says, adding,

“The Christmas garage sale with Evelyn was my way of being a small part for a noble cause that’s she’s initiated. And since her garage sale is all about recycling the clothes and all, I use the scrap to make Christmas ornaments and candle decorations.”

Christmas is one of Shweta’s favourite time of the year.

“Every Christmas has been and is a beautiful memory because I enjoy this festive season too much. I love the whole idea of Santa gifting.”

And what is her favourite part about Christmas?

“I love all the sweets that are prepared during Christmas time but my favourite is Double layer pumpkin cheesecake.”

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