Posted on December 29, 2017 at 6:35 am

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When Saif Ali Khan Hurt Himself While Shooting With Gun

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Saif Ali Khan, who will next be seen in Kaalakaandi, had injured his thumb while shooting the wedding song of the film, Kaala Doreya. The song, which is part of a wedding scene in the film, has a special performance by Akshay Oberoi and Amyra Dastur with Saif Ali Khan joining in with his funny moves.

In case you missed the song, have a look at it here:

According to a source, at the end of the song, Saif was required to make an act of shooting a gun in the air. The team was using a real gun with dummy bullets. Saif was keen to do a practice shot so that the people around him in the scene would know the sound, light, and impact of the shot since the entire mechanism changes from a real to a dummy bullet. While discussing with the action team, the actor pulled the trigger and that’s when the pressure from the recoil injured his thumb.

When Saif Ali Khan Hurt Himself While Shooting With Gun
Saif Ali Khan

The actor was rushed to the hospital where the doctors took special care of him. Later the incident became a joke for the team, becoming one of the kaandi incidents.

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