Posted on December 28, 2017 at 1:18 pm

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Rohit Khurana: Kartikey Made Shani A Household Name, I Am Taking It New Heights Now

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Actor Rohit Khurana, who is part of Siddharth Kumar Tewary’s Karamphaldata Shani, says that he is enjoying being part of the show. The actor, whose role was played by child actor Kartikey Malaviye prior to the time leap, admired the way the latter essayed the role as well.

He said:

“Working with him, has always been wonderful. He did a fabulous job by portraying younger Shani. I admire him more for making Shani successful and now I am putting my effort to make it a cult show. We both are giving our best to our role.”

Ask him if it was challenging to carry on the the portrayal of Shani, and he says:

“I would say Kartikey did a fabulous job, I don’t think it was a challenge. But yes, I had to do justice to the role. Kartikey put his sweat into making Shani a household name, now I am taking it to new heights.”

The two share a great bond as well.

To this he said:

“There is the huge age difference between Kartikey and me. We normally discuss and complement each other about our role and how we are playing our part.”

The actor says that this has a lot to do with the team as well.

He said:

“We never had any issues, our team is one big family and we stand by each other. The best part of working in a daily soap is the whole star cast works in a harmonious way and we support each other.”

In fact, his character has taught him a lot.

He continued:

“I learned to stay persistent and determined, that’s what Shani also does in people lives as well. Shani inspires people to do karma and then depending on that, they reap the results.”

The show, too, means a lot to Rohit.


He added:

“I have done various role – comic, serious, boy next door, negative and with Karamphaldata Shani, I have forayed into mythological character space. So it added a new feather to my cap and I am delighted that it came my way.”

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