Posted on December 1, 2017 at 3:00 pm

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Karan Wahi And Other TV Stars Believe Awareness Is The Key To Preventing AIDS

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As we observe World AIDS day today (Dec 1), TV actors talk about how it’s important to help spread awareness about the disease.

World aids Day
World aids Day

Gurpreet Singh

There should be awareness about AIDS. This should be endorsed by celebrities as people follow celebrities and give importance to precautions when a celebrity talks about it. If any person gets this disease, it is so difficult for that person to live life fully – physically and mentally. Also awareness of the disease can save many lives. AIDS can be avoided by taking precautions and people must know what they can do.

Romit Raj

When celebrities take up awareness campaigns, it makes a better impact, as it reaches a larger section of society through the media, newspapers and social media. Also, people believe and listen when celebrities or their role models speak to them. That is why it is very important for every celebrity to attach themselves to a social cause and AIDS awareness is a very important one.

Ankit Bathla

The only way to avoid the spread of AIDS is awareness, and as celebrities, we are blessed with the power of being heard. It definitely makes a difference when we talk. I think we should focus on education and awareness in schools and try to change things at the grassroots level.

Sneha Wagh

Sneha Wagh
Sneha Wagh

AIDS is still a dreadful disease. When celebrities do awareness campaigns, it does create a better impact. People look at their favourite celebs as their role models. Somehow it creates more awareness than normal campaigns. It’s just as my neighbour sharing a story with me compared to the chief minister of Maharashtra sharing the same story. The impact is generally more when the CM of the State speaks than my neighbour.


Celebrities grab eyeballs and make people aware. This will help people to not think of this disease as a taboo.

Karan Wahi

I don’t know if it makes an impact or not but I feel as influencers or people who are looked up to, it’s our duty to try and help. We must at least try to reach out to people. Whether they follow or not is up to them.

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