Posted on December 14, 2017 at 1:51 pm

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Kangana Ranaut supports Zaira Wasim

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Kangana Ranaut said we should encourage women who speak against harassment and not judge them. She came down heavily on the trolls against Zaira Wasim who faced such a situation recently.

Kangana Ranaut supports Zaira Wasim
Kangana Ranaut supports Zaira Wasim

“The backlash this young girl is getting is so upsetting. Instead of lauding a girl for speaking up, people are judging and questioning her.”

While there has been an enormous amount of support from sections of public and Zaira Wasim’s colleagues from the industry, there has also been a constant criticism of her reaction to the apparent incident. Doubts have been raised about the authenticity of her claims.

Kangana, who is known to be a strong headed woman has become an inspiration for many youngsters. When asked if she is scared to get into controversies for speaking out, Kangana said,

“If I don’t talk, someone else will. It is not that if I don’t talk and act like an ostrich, no one will bring it to notice. I have always had options (to let things go) but I won’t succumb to that.”

Further elaborating she added,

“The intention is never to be disliked. There might be a wrong impression of me for taking a stand today but maybe 10-14 years down the line, I know I will be respected for my stand and my convictions, if not loved.”

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