Posted on December 22, 2017 at 8:46 am

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Juhi Parmar: I am a very secure actor

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When a daily show takes a leap, it sometimes questions the importance of certain characters in a story. However, actor Juhi Parmar doesn’t feel the heat.

Juhi Parmar as Sangya in Shani
Juhi Parmar as Sangya in Shani

“I’m not at all an insecure actor. I trust my ability as an actor,”

says Juhi, whose show Shani recently took a leap. The actor is very happy with her show.

“I have full faith in my creative team and my character and above all Siddharth Kumar Tewary. He has shaped my character so brilliantly that I don’t need to worry at all about anything because of leap or any other factor for that matter.”

The talented actor is all in praise of her co-star Rohit Khurana, who recently entered the show as the grown up God Shani.

“Rohit is a very good actor and apt to play grown-up, Shani. He has a big responsibility and I think he is doing really well. Ours TRPs have gone higher ever since he entered the show, which only shows that he is also loved by the audience.”

Juhi Parmar as Chhaya in Shani
Juhi Parmar as Chhaya in Shani

The actor has been part of the showbiz for almost two decades. Juhi Parmar is glad to have made some nice bonds in the industry.

“I have lots of friends..and I totally love them. To name a few Salil Ria, Pooja Bedi, Aashka Goradia, Siddharth Kumar Tewary, Hussain and the list goes on. These people have stood by me and supported me in good and bad. I can go to any extent to be there for them.”

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