Posted on December 6, 2017 at 11:10 am

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Deewar, Jab Jab Phool Khile: Shashi Kapoor Leaves Behind A Spectacular Legacy

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In a tragic turn of events, veteran actor Shashi Kapoor passed away on 4th December 2017.

On remembering him our telly actors share which film of his did they like the most.

Mohammad Nazim:

This is such a huge loss to the family. I loved Shashi Kapoor. I think he was a fabulous actor. My favorite film is Deewar.

Shashank Vyas:

Deewar, a story of two brothers where Shashi ji played an inspector who goes against his own brother, was my favorite. It’s a superb script and well played by Shashiji.

Aniruddh Dave:

My favorite film of Shashi sir is Trishul. I loved his acting and his mannerisms, especially in the songs. Mohhabat bade kaam ki cheez hai, and Raat baaki is another hit number. Apart from that, I love ‘Deewar’.

Romit Raj:

It is very sad to hear of Shashiji’s demise. I had the good fortune of meeting him in Prithvi and I even read his latest autobiography. Films like ‘Junoon’ and ‘Kalyug’ and of course ‘Jab Jab Phool khile’ are my favorites.

Priyamvada Kant:

It’s so disheartening to hear this news. I am a huge fan of his songs and always will be. Keh dun tumhein, Na Na Karte Pyaar, Le jaayenge le jayenge, Kajra mohabbat wala, and Raat baaki are my favorite numbers.

Sachin Parikh:

His death is a big loss to the fraternity.  My favorite films out of all his blockbusters were ‘Deewar’ and ‘Satyam Shivam Sundaram’. ‘Deewar’, because no one could do justice to sharing the screen with Big B, more than Shashi ji. RIP Shashi ji.

Saurabh Pandey:

Shashi Kapoor was one of the most charming actors. He had a charm unlike anyone else. I liked many of his songs and one of my favorite film of his is ‘Deewar’, where he played an honest cop. My humble respects to Shashi ji.

Gurpreet Singh:

Though I love all his movies but ‘Do Aur Do Panch’ and ‘Deewar’ were my favorite movies. I loved his song ‘Keh doon tumhe ya chup rahoon’. I have grown up watching his movies. It is sad to hear about his demise.

Tinaa Dattaa:

Shashi ji was such a powerhouse of talent. He was one of the best actors Hindi cinema has ever seen. All his films are legendary. The one I like the most is ‘Deewar’. I can watch it over and over again.

Ssharad Malhotraa:

‘Deewar’ and his iconic dialogue “Mere Paas Maa Hain” is engraved in our minds and hearts forever. He was one of the most charming men of the nation and the film industry! Unki maa aur cinema dono ko unpe bohot garv hoga. RIP.

Jasmin Bhasin:

This is such a huge loss to the whole community. His songs, films, dialogues will be remembered for eternity. I like all his films, but my favorite one is ‘Do Aur Do Panch’.

Hrishikesh Pandey:

It is really sad that Shashi ji is no more with us. He’s been a big name in the Indian cinema with Prithvi theatre. I admire his performances, the lovely smile and the good looks. ‘Deewar’ is the film that I loved the most with Big B and Shashi ji’s great dialogue delivery and performance. Also, movies like ‘Suhaag’, ‘Do Aur Do Paanch’ have been my favourites.  I mostly watched all his films and all had great performances but I personally love ‘Deewar’. My prayers go to his family and closed ones.

Rohit Purohit:


Shashi ji was such a great actor. I used to love watching his films with my family. They used to be fun. My favorite film of his is ‘Jab Jab Phool khile’. In fact, I remember each and every dialogue of the film.

Rohit Bhardwaj:

I love Shashi ji’s films and my favorite one is ‘Kabhi Kabhi’. He really proved himself as an actor in that one. His loss is really tragic and may god give strength to the family.

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