Posted on November 3, 2017 at 12:40 pm

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Supriya Kumari clicks hubby Rishikesh Ingley

Actor Supriya Kumari, who is married to actor Rishikesh Ingley, has always had a passion for photography. Rishikesh, who plays the role of Balwinder in Shakti, recently got photographed by his wife. Talking about it, he says,

“It’s always great to be clicked by Supriya, in fact, I really look forward to it. She has a fantastic sense of background, camera angle and light. And the results are awesome this time as well. People, who have seen the pictures, feel that they have been clicked by a professional. I feel she should pursue this hidden passion of hers more seriously.”

Well, Supriya does have plans to pursue it seriously. She says,

“I don’t know when, but since I entered into the field of acting, I had a sense of camera angle and lighting, which is also an added advantage for an actor. I always had a passion for photography and I think I will surely take up a professional course later to enhance my skill.”

Ask her how it is to click her hubby, and she says,

“It’s always fun to shoot Rishi and he’s also very photogenic. We always shoot each other when we go on holidays though I must say he’s a bad photographer.”

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