Posted on November 20, 2017 at 1:34 pm

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Romit Raj: My daughter and I are best friends

Actor Romit Raj is a proud father. He says that life is amazing because of his daughter. The actor, who has a five-year-old daughter Reha, says that he loves spending time with her.

Romit Raj poses with wife and daughter
Romit Raj poses with wife and daughter

“Life is so amazing with my daughter. She loves me unconditionally… it’s absolutely amazing… She just wants to play with me, shop with me, eat out and have fun with me. We play sports together and it’s absolutely awesome when she has her opinions about everything in life. She finds me cute and handsome.”

He makes sure to make her feel special whenever he can.

“This year in April, we had a surprise birthday party for her. She really loved it. The theme of the party was from her favorite film Frozen. It was Sundown Party, where we all saw the sun setting at sea. We had artificial snow around as well.”

Ask him what his advice to his daughter will be, and he says,

“My advice to my daughter is ‘always be honest with me, I am your best friend.’ We play chess, badminton together, we do painting together, we go for dinner together to restaurants, read books together and, of course, go to toy stores as well. I am her best friend and I talk to her about everything… She is very Intelligent and smart.”

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