Posted on November 21, 2017 at 7:21 am

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What?! Priyank Sharma Accuses Arshi Khan Of Exercising?

Priyank Sharma has entered the Bigg Boss house for the second time in this season after being evicted for hitting Vishal Dadlani. After he came back to the Bigg Boss house, he seemed to be quite different than what he was.

It was in the first week of his second tenure on Bigg Boss 11 that he was scolded by Salman Khan for making remarks about co-contestant Arshi Khan. He even cried after that. But once again he has done something which is not so cool.

Priyank Arshi
Priyank Arshi

In the next episode i.e today, Bigg Boss will introduce a new luxury budget task. The house will be turned into a courtroom and contestants will accuse each other of things. The first one to fall the gameplay is Arshi.

Hina Khan, who will be one of the lawyers will accuse Arshi of flirting with everyone in the house. Then Priyank will be up on the stands and accuse Arshi of doing exercises in the gym in an offensive manner. He will even comment on the time when she tore her clothes as a joke.

After hearing this, Arshi screams saying:

“Arshi Khan will tear her clothes, nobody’s father bought them for her.”

A huge fight erupts between Arshi and Priyank and Vikas Gupta will come in between and try to stop the fight.

Well, where is Hina’s stand for girls here now! Not cool Hina and Priyank.

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