Posted on November 24, 2017 at 11:41 am

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IFFI Day 4- A Panel Discussion On Tagore

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A Panel Discussion on Tagore on celluloid centering on Tagore’s work and his perception in cinema was attended by Shoma Chatterjee, Mr. Pablo Cesar and Ms. Moonmoon Sen. Argentenian film director Pablo Cesar screened his film, Thinking Of Him which is based on Rabindranath Tagore. The film features Raima Sen.


Commenting on the same, Pablo said:

“Rabindranath Tagore is probably bigger for some people than Gandhi. We read many works of Tagore. Heard songs. The movie also has the discovery of Shantiniketan. Tagore and Sufi are very near. I am a man but I’m a Feminist. Victoria Ocampo was the first woman to drive a car back then. One of the first women to vote. Even though Argentina was orthodox, Victoria found Tagore. They lived in Victoria’s cousin’s house.”

Moon Moon Sen
Moon Moon Sen

Moon Moon Sen, mother of Raima Sen said:

“Rituparno Ghosh has a great influence on my daughters. When I watch Raima on screen I don’t see her. I see the character she’s playing. She’s like chorus. Women are born emancipated in India.”

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