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IFFI Day 4: Highlights

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IFFI Day 4 laid great emphasis on niche cinema and film-makers covering the Indian Panorama section –


Key highlights –

– Director Govand Nihalani paid homage to late actor Om Puri with the screening of his 1983 movie Ardh Satya.

Commenting on Om Puri’s rise, Govind Nihalani said:

“I would actually like to correct the misconception. It is not me or anyone else that made Om what he is today, in fact it was Om alone who made me a person of interest with other film-makers. On this note, I would like to pay homage to Om because this was a vision we brought forward together.”


– Om Puri’s son Ishaan Puri, spoke about the foundation in his father’s name, The Om Puri Foundation. He said:

“As we all know my father came from a humble background. The Om Puri Foundation has decided to launch fellowships and scholarships in his name. The foundation will be providing a fellowship to National School of Drama, the place that made him what he is and the Film and Television Institute of India, where we’ll be handing our scholarships. Apart from that, the Om Puri grant for struggling film-makers who don’t have the means to showcase their films. And, a personal quest for my father as he was a farmer in his childhood, he couldn’t do much for them in his lifetime. The foundation will be helping them in whatever small way we can by providing aid”.


– Indian Panorama Meet the directors session was attended by Rajesh Mapuskar (Marathi Film Director Ventilator), Miransha Naik (Konkani Film Director, Juze) ,Manouj Kadaamh (Marathi film Director, Kshitij – A Horizon), Bidyut Kotoky (Assamese Film Director XHOIXOBOTE BHEMALITE).


“Humor is important to connect with the audience in a film.”-Rajesh Mapuskar

“The economics of Bollywood and regional cinema is different. Difference in budgets. Risk level in Bollywood is high. Hindi Cinema has good movies. The soul of Ventilator is in Marathi. Everyone told me to make it in Hindi. I didn’t. Regional films tell you what’s in their heart.”- Rajesh Mapuskar


“People think there’s easy money in Marathi industry given the success of recent films.” – Rajesh Mapuskar


– Sudhir Mishra attended the Skill Studio session alongside Canadian director Stephen Dunn who talked about his movie Closet Monster



– Open forum discussion on “Need for film courses and Training to meet the present demand”. The discussion was attended by Mr.Amit Tyagi, Olivier Barbier, Ana Tiwari, Vibramjit, Ms. Sukhpreet Khloan, ShryshZutshi and Akash

“FTII takes 110 candidates every year. There is a need for more institutions in India. Whistling woods is the costliest. Take time to evaluate the good and bad institutions. Audio visual media is large and worldwide. Times have changed wherein you watched only Doordarshan but now there are more than 400 channels. Alternate tools are affordable now.” – Amit Tyagi, dean of Film and Television Institute of India

– Ayirathil oruvan was screened to pay homage to the late Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu, Jayalalithaa. The screening was attended by the team of Marathi film Idak.

– Panel Discussion on Tagore on celluloid – The discussion centering around Tagore’s work and his perception in cinema was attended by Shoma Chatterjee, Mr. Pablo Cesar and Ms. Moonmoon Sen. Argentinian film director Pablo Cesar showcased the trailer of his film, Thinking of him which is based on Rabindranath Tagore. The film features Raima Sen. Commenting on the same, Pablo said –

“Rabindranath Tagore is probably bigger for some people than Gandhi.  “We read many works of Tagore. Heard songs. The movie also has the discovery of Shantiniketan. Tagore and Sufi are very near. – Pablo


“I am a man but I’m a Feminist. Victoria Ocampo was the first woman to drive a car back then. One of the first women to vote. Even though Argentina was orthodox, Victoria found Tagore. They lived in Victoria’s cousin’s house.” – Pablo

“Rituparno Ghosh has a great influence on my daughters. When I watch Raima on screen I don’t see her. I see the character she’s playing. She’s like chorus. Women are born emancipated in India” – Moon moon Sen, mother of Raima Sen


– Sebastien Aubert, CEO of Adastra Films and Bogdan Iancu actor in Dutch film In blue attended the discussion on World Cinema.

“Film Bazaar at IFFI has been a great space for exposure. I found very interesting projects there and may co-produce some of them.” – Sebastien Aubert

“Incredibly honored to be in India and IFFI” – Bogdan Iancu

– The Screening of Indian Panorama (Marathi) film Kaccha Limbu was attended by the cast Sonali Kulkarni, director Prasad Oak and producer Mandar Devasthali


– Kalki Koechlin arrived with Candyflip costar Gulshan Devaiah at Katta, Bioscope Village

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