Posted on November 13, 2017 at 1:24 pm

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Ananth Mahadevan: Here’s Some Old-Fashioned Noir Punctuated With Black Humour And Twists

Aksar 2 starring Zareen Khan, Gautam Rode, Abhinav Shukla, Mohit Madaan, Sreesanth and Lillete Dubey promises to be a compelling thriller that will keep audiences at the edge of the their seats, as they try to guess the twists and turns while the plot unravels. This thriller tries to salvage the golden era of suspense films.

Ananth Mahadevan
Ananth Mahadevan

The album consists of melodious songs that are soothing to the ears, perfectly penned by Sayeed Quadri and composed by musical wizard Mithoon whose originality echoes with every beat. Not one song from the album has been recreated, which is quite a rarity in recent times.


Talking about Aksar 2, director Ananth Mahadevan stated:

“Here’s some old-fashioned noir punctuated with black humour and twists. It’s entertainment relished on the edge of the seat.”

Producer Narendra Bajaj added:

“We waited for a decade to take ‘Aksar’ as a brand to the next level. The wait was worth it. The film is delightfully wicked.”