Posted on November 11, 2017 at 1:41 am

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AIB’s ‘A Woman’s Besties’ Actor Kavea Chavali Talks About Her Anchoring Profession

Remember the hilarious All India Bakchod video ‘A Woman’s Besties’ which had twins playing breasts of a woman named Geeta & Boobita? One of the twin was the go to anchor Kavea Chavali. Kavea is one of the top anchors in the country and internationally, especially when it comes to the corporate world.

Having hosted shows with the likes of Kabir Bedi, Gaurav Kapur and Sidharth Kannan, Kavea says,

The experience has been very surreal, each of them brings their set of charm, intelligence and energy to the stage. So it’s always been fruitful yet lots of madness on stage. Have also interacted with many celebrities for product launches and press conferences where I have moderated the entire show and some of the experiences have been absolutely thrilling.

Talking about the difference between entertainment and corporate shows, she added,

Entertainment shows need more spontaneity and high energy to interact with the audience while corporate shows need more elegance and understanding of the brand. So frankly, I enjoy both.

Further Kavea explained on her AIB gig,

It was a supremely amazing experience where I got to interact with such fabulously talented people. Be it the actors or the crew, it was a lot of fun on the sets and lots of laughter. There’s also yet another fun thing me and my twin Ramya Rao have done with AIB which should be out soon. That’s gonna be bigger than the previous series for sure.

Along with having live shows in the pipeline, Kavea Chavali is currently working on prestigious voiceover projects that she’s recording for.