Posted on November 23, 2017 at 10:55 am

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Actor Karan Oberoi’s Twitter account hacked!

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Karan Oberoi, who is busy promoting his movie Strawberry Point got into a mess after his Twitter account was hacked. It was his luck which saved him from further damage, as he was informed well on time about the mishap.

Karan Oberoi
Karan Oberoi

His account was hacked yesterday (November 22). As Karan was busy attending IFFI and the screening of his upcoming flick at Film Bazaar, he hardly noticed it. It was only after he received a call from a friend that Karan got to know about the hack. The person informed him about the irrelevant and objectionable content sent to her from the actor’s account.

The information was passed on to his IT team, who confirmed the hack and immediately recovered the account. Karan tweeted to assure that things were once again back on track. His tweet reads,

In a conversation with the media, Karan Oberoi’s publicist, Vipul Jain, confirmed that though the account @IAmKaranOberoi was hacked, and a team of professionals reacted spontaneously to get control of the twitter account.

“Though some inappropriate messages and content were sent to few of his friends and colleagues, thankfully, everything came under control before it could cause serious harm to anyone.”

But is Karan going to take any legal action against the hackers?

“He has no plans to take any legal action as nothing destructive or harmful has been done by the hackers,”

Vipul added further.

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