Posted on October 11, 2017 at 1:48 pm

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Yash A Patnaik: Sanyukta and Jasleen’s journey is similar in many ways


Producer Yash A Patnaik’s show Saada Haq 2 was all about a girl’s journey in Indian Space Research Centre (ISCR) and her ambition to go to Mars. There was also news of Jasleen Kaur Josan, from Haryana being chosen by NASA to go on the first man mission to Mars in 2030. The producer feels that there is some connection between this and his show.

“Jasleen Kaur has made all of us in India proud and how. It’s going to be the ‘first man mission to Mars’. I think NASA should rethink the term ‘man mission’ and start call it ‘first man and woman mission to Mars’. Sadda Haq Season 2 was about the protagonist Sanyukta Agarwal’s (played by Harshita Gaur) journey in Indian Space Research Centre (ISCR) where she has to compete with her male counterparts to be a part of the World’s first ‘man mission to Mars’. The resemblance between Sanyukta and Jasleen’s journey is similar in many ways,”

he says.

The producer adds,

“They say fiction follows facts. In our case it’s the reverse. Fact has followed fiction. It’s just a coincidence and I am happy about it. In fact, my wife Mamta is very happy with the news. It was she who came up with the idea of Sanyuka going to the Space Centre for Mars Mission.”

While the show was loved, Yash says that it will not have a third season.

“Sadda Haq was produced for Channel V. It was a commissioned show. It was very well supported and promoted by the channel. We had great fun making the show. It was almost like going back to college for us. Now that Channel V doesn’t have fiction content. I don’t see the third season of Sadda Haq happening.”