Posted on October 25, 2017 at 11:37 am

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Ranveer Singh to be a part of the sequel of Singh Is Kinng, Titled Sher Singh


The Akshay Kumar starrer Singh Is Kinng (2008) was a massive hit when it released. Film’s producer Shailendra Singh had announced that he was keen on making a sequel of the same and that he had locked on a title even better than the first.

Recently, it was learned that the film has been titled ‘Sher Singh’ and will star Ranveer Singh taking over the mantle from Akshay Kumar. Commenting on the same, Shailendra Singh stated that while he was pretty keen on taking the title ‘Singh Is Kinng’ forward, he couldn’t as since Vipul Shah was not ready to part with its rights. He had decided to retitle the film to ‘Sher Singh’.

Shailendra added that it would not be a superhero film and he’s looking at turning ‘Sher Singh’ into a franchise film with the main character being a normal yet extraordinary person.

Talking about the casting of ‘Sher Singh’, Shailendra mentioned that the film would see Ranveer Singh coming on board. He also added that Ranveer was perfect for the role. It is also heard that Ranveer was pretty impressed with ‘Sher Singh’ and had requested a 10-page script, that Shailendra Singh will be presenting soon.

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