Posted on October 27, 2017 at 7:58 am

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Nivedita Basu takes a break to concentrate on becoming a first time Mom


Ask any parent and they will vouch and swear on the fact that there is no bigger happiness in this world than being parents. And the same goes for television producer Nivedita Basu who is pregnant with her first child. Nivedita exclaims,

“Actually the baby is born any time after the 38th week, so I am ideally due any time. But because we want a natural delivery we will wait for 10-12 days more to see if I go into labour. We got married in November 2007, so it is exactly going to be 10 years now. It’s like a milestone for us, 10 years of marriage and welcoming the baby too in our decade long marriage. Being my own boss, I have been fortunate to take a break for enjoying my pregnancy and motherhood, though I am awaiting to resume my work as soon as possible. What we have missed out on is baby names. I wish I had thought of a name but surprisingly we haven’t thought of any names, neither girl names nor boy names. I think I need to do just this in the coming week until the baby is out. I just know that I want a different Indian, Sanskrit name. If it’s a synonym of a God nothing like it, my husband’s name is Yadunath and it means Lord Krishna. We still have around one week in hand to decide the name.”

Nivedita Basu is married to Yadunath Bhargavan Karimbil, who is an advocate. We wish the couple luck and hope they have a healthy baby.

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