Posted on October 13, 2017 at 9:16 am

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Dalljiet Kaur has a new hobby


Her show Maa Shakti is not the only thing that has been keeping actor Dalljiet Kaur busy. The actor who is currently in Vadodara for the shoot, has also been following another passion on the side. She says,

“I’m in Vadodara for the shoot of Maa Shakti. Usually, after the pack up in Mumbai, I rush back home or have hundreds of errands to finish. But in Vadodara I’m free after and before the shoot. There is a martial arts expert with us, his name is Deepak Das. I’m using this opportunity of being away from Mumbai as an excuse to learn something new. We train in the morning and it is very exciting. Deepak sir is very patient with me and is helping me become more flexible.”


The actor says that this training will help her in the show as well.

“I have become a fitness freak and I think that’s the only way to grow. As a person, I’m hungry to learn new things and here I have an opportunity to learn action and fight choreography with different weapons, that will definitely help me in grooming myself for new opportunities in this field.”

Dalljiet has always been eager to try new stuff in her profession.

“I love to challenge myself as an actor and as a person, to become a better me at every stage of my life.”