Posted on October 4, 2017 at 8:22 am

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On her birthday, Sneha Wagh says she will never let go of the kid in her

While turning a year older is a tragic experience for many actors, actor Sneha Wagh is not one of them. The actor, who celebrates her birthday today (October 4), says that with every birthday, she becomes more mature.

“I feel as if it’s just making me more close to stability, one step ahead of maturity. Though I’ll never let go the kid within me.”

Ask her if she agrees that age is just a mere number, and she says,

“Yes, of course age is just a number. Because your age only decides if you are grown or still a baby. But your heart and soul decides how senile you are.”

Talking about her most memorable birthday so far, Sneha says,

“When I was a 5-year old, I had the biggest bash on my birthday. Even the guests were a surprise, not just to me but to my parents too. And I was wearing a checked skirt and all my friends were teasing, saying it looked like a lungi! Everything came as a surprise and honestly I was not old enough to understand the meaning of surprises. But now I remember and understand the importance of moments and memories.”

Now, birthdays are just an excuse for Sneha to spend time with her family and friends.

“I’m not a person who really celebrates birthdays. But I like to spend quality time with my real closed ones,” she says.

However, she has some gifts planned for herself.

“I want to gift myself with serendipity! And some chocolates of course.”

And here is what the next year looks like for her.

“More reading, more exploring, less worrying, less talking, more listening, better loving, eyes opening and life experiencing!”