Posted on October 13, 2017 at 6:16 am

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Adi To Disguise Himself In Vani Rani!

Jitendra Nokewal, who is currently seen as Adi in Esselvisions’ show Vani Rani will disguise himself as a Sardar.

Till now we have seen that Nandini (Nia Sharma) and Siddharth (Rahulram Manchanda) fall in love. But Nandini’s grandfather Radheshyam is strongly against their relationship, and does not allow Siddharth to meet Nandini. Adi (Jitendra Nokewal) will come with an idea. He will disguise himself as a Sardar so that his brother Siddharth can meet his love.


According to our sources:

“Adi will meet Nandini’s family and tell them that he wants to take revenge from Vani (Tanvi Azmi). He asks Radheshyam to join him, as they both hates Vani. Adi did this so that he can divert the mind of Nandini’s family members, so that Siddharth and Nandini can get a chance to meet.”


When we contacted Jitendra, he said:

“I thoroughly enjoyed the sequence, as I have never wore the turban before.”