Posted on September 10, 2017 at 7:30 am

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UA Exclusive | Anshul Sinha on Mitti Back To The Roots: As a filmmaker it’s my duty to bring the issues of our society on the screen

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Bollywood is currently experiencing realism in movies. Several Award winner, Anshul Sinha is one such filmmaker who is staying true to the topic of realism in his upcoming film ‘Mitti Back To The Roots’ which deals with farmer suicides. We got an opportunity to write to the filmmaker and he gave us an in-depth insight about his movie and much more.

Here are some excerpts from the interview:

Why did you decide to make a film on the topic of farmer suicide?

In 2015 I did my second short feature film ‘Gateway to heaven’. Dr. GV Ramanjenyulu an Agriculture scientist and founder of Centre for sustainable agriculture, he likes our work and offered us an opportunity to work on a film on the Agrarian crisis in India.

IN 2015 we started the research work, which got completed in May 2016 and after that, we did 4 months of workshops for learning Agriculture Science and Farming. We learned to this understand the actual crisis of the agriculture and farmer suicides.


Are you related to the farming society?

No, I am not, but as a filmmaker, it’s my duty to bring the issues of our society on the screen.


How do you plan to release the film?

Currently, we are in search of a distributor we aiming for All India release of ‘Mitti-back to the roots’. And apart from national release we also need government support to screen this film in all the rural areas of our country in all the languages.

‘Mitti’ was made under the guidance of centre for sustainable agriculture who is working on this since past 25 years. And this film is highlighting 26 major issues and solutions of agrarian crisis and farmer suicides. It’s an urgent need that this film should reach to maximum people.


Why the name ‘Mitti Back To The Roots’?

There are 2000 plus frames in the film and total 133 scenes each and every scene in the film shows how we are poisoning our farm fields and food, which begins from soil and after knowing all these things in the end of the film we show solutions on how we can keep our soil safe, this was the reason why we kept the name ‘Mitti – Back To The Roots’.


Is it inspired by any real-life incident?

All the issues which are highlighted in the film are inspired by real incidents. There is a village named DORLI in Wardha district, that village was on sale. All farmers collaborated and they started working on sustainable agriculture and brought their village back by clearing their debts. The journey of that village is an inspiration for all the farmers in India.

Mitti is the story of a young agricultural scientist Ekta who tries to understand the crisis in the farm sector and explores alternative paths – of a village which was put up for sale, of farmers who lost their lives chasing the dreams of big yields, of young women who tried to restore their livelihoods and of a village which gained freedom from all the clutches. The movie has touched upon issues that can be divided into three categories – economical (government policy), ecological (floods and natural disasters), and social. It is also trying out crowdfunding. Right now all that the movie needs is around `25 lakh to bring out the movie to the masses’. Dr. Ramanjaneyulu says that the film is not just a time pass for farmers but will actually help farmers to comprehend what is actually happening with them and how they can come out of that situation. This conversation and film screening will save many farmers lives.


Does the film offer any solution for farmer suicide?

For all the 25 problems shown in the film, ‘Mitti’ also highlights the solution in the film. The climax of the film ‘Mitti’ is showing a multi-cropping model which can be implemented in low rainfall areas and by explaining about the model. It also shows alternatives of seeds, pesticides, fertilizers and pricing policies.


Are you a full-time filmmaker?

Yes, I am a full-time filmmaker. We don’t do films for our tummy; we do films for our soul.


Do you plan to make more films in the future? Any subjects which you’ve thought?

We want to make more such kind of films currently we are searching for new project hope we will get it soon.


Anything you want to add?

Currently, we are struggling to release ‘Mitti back to the roots’ at the national level. We need distribution support to release it. If we can get that then I am sure ‘Mitti’ will leave an impact on the audience and will surely bring change in the society.

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