Posted on September 14, 2017 at 9:02 am

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Shraddha Kapoor adds her personal touch to Haseena Parkar’s house

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Shraddha Kapoor who will be seen playing the titular role in Haseena Parkar has taken every effort to essay her role with perfection on big screen.

After looking at extensive photos of the real house from production designer Sunil Nijvekar, Shraddha was very particular to make the set as natural as possible.

The entire Nagpada was recreated in Essel Studio. During one of her visits to the set, Shraddha asked Sunil to get certain props like the original and also spent a day arranging and re-arranging them till she felt at home.

When Apoorva and Sunil saw the final set up both were very happy with the small elements the actress had added to the house.

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