Posted on September 11, 2017 at 8:18 am

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I am Roshni, Bollywood’s boldest leap- a film on incest!

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Independent film ’I am Roshni’, is Bollywood’s biggest leap that we have all been waiting for! Produced by Crescendo Music and Films, the movie deals sensitively with a brother-sister affection. The story is that of a supportive brother who takes care of his sister, who has faced hardships with a strict father, lecherous uncle, and a deceiving boyfriend.

Suresh Thomas, head of Crescendo Music and Films says, confirming how delicately they have approached the subject,

“Though ‘I Am Roshni’ is a film that deals with incest, it is far from being a sleazy film to titillate perverted audiences.”

Although the film is based on incest, the team has managed to tell the story without any nudity, explicit scenes or anything vulgar. It is probably the first film in the world that talks about this subject. He adds,

“In fact, the film carries a strong social message, highlighting bad parental upbringing. It is crafted in an emotionally sensitive manner that will make viewers deeply empathize with the two innocent protagonists.”

In a digital age where enormous volumes of information are consumed from the internet that fundamentally form our ideologies, present audiences have grown over clichés and become mature receptors. With the changes in the format and mediums of entertainment, it is clear and obvious that audiences crave for intellectual realism and hear about real stories although they equally enjoy tales from virtual lands.

The film stars debutantes Ankita Parihar and Yash Rajpara.

Check out the trailer here:

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