Posted on September 16, 2017 at 8:30 am

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Rohit Purohit: If You Are Fit And Happy, You Look Sexy

Actor Rohit Purohit is putting in a lot of effort for his role of Alexander in Siddharth Kumar Tewary’s Porus. The actor says that he is looking forward to being part of the show.

He said:

“I feel very lucky that I got the opportunity to play this amazing character of Alexander the great. He was a great warrior. Playing this role will be a crazy roller coaster ride.”

Preparing for the role has been challenging for Rohit, who has worked hard on his physique.

About this he said:

“It all started the day I signed the role of Alexander. Since he is the greatest warrior the world has ever seen, I wanted to present him in the best way possible. A strong physical appearance was a must to justify this role. There is no secret to keeping fit, it’s just that first you should know your goal and then work for it with full commitment and dedication.”

Touted as being one of the sexiest actors on screen today, Rohit says that he often feels overwhelmed by these compliments.

He added:

“I am trying to learn how to take these compliments. If I talk about the sex appeal, I think if you are fit and happy, you look sexy. Both fitness and happiness require efforts and are not easy to achieve. I have been trying to excel in both of them over the years and I think that’s what inspires people out there. I feel so lucky and blessed that I keep getting such compliments and the love of my fans. I feel great when they come to me and say that I inspire them to be fit.”

Ask him if good looks are an integral part of being an actor, and he said:

“I don’t look at it like this. Yes, good looks play an important part in an actor’s life but it all depends on the requirement of the character.”

The actor is yet to play a bold character on screen, and said:

“If I am offered one, then why not? Who wants to miss it! But on a serious note, I have not prepared my mind for it yet. I will think about it if it is offered to me.”

His fans have been a big part of his life and have often made him feel special.

Talking about his fans he said:

“There are a lot of good memories with fans. I remember when I was doing a show in which I played a rubber man’s character, kids were so fascinated with that role that they used to run behind my car and used to ask me to stretch my neck and hands, as I used to do in the show. I have also posted a video of them on my Facebook profile. Besides this, it feels so amazing when older people appreciate your roles in period dramas. It makes me feel so special.”

Talking about future plans, he said:

“Honestly, there was a time when I used to think about my future but not anymore. I cannot make plans for future. I try to make every day count and ultimately that’s what creates your future. As of now, I am definitely excited to begin my shoot for Porus.”

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