Posted on September 15, 2017 at 11:52 am

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A quick interview with Rishikesh Ingley talking about everything

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We caught up with television newbie Rishikesh Ingley for a quick chat and here’s what he told us…

1) The TV show which made me very popular
I’ve just started my career as an actor and I am really excited and grateful to Rashmi Sharma Production for casting me in their top rated show “Shakti” on Colors TV.

2) Had I not been a TV actor /actress I would have probably been
Before I became an actor I was managing our family business and so I have seen the corporate life as well. I am really glad that I am pursuing my passion right now.

3) If I go out on a romantic ‘date’ I expect
A perfect romantic date would be a candle light beach dinner.

4) My favourite snack/s when ‘eating out’ in Mumbai is
I love junk food and am a total foodie. My favourite snack when eating out in Mumbai would be Wada pav for sure.

5) If I ever lose my cell phone I
I would be handicapped as it keeps me connected with my loved ones and my business clients.

6) Actually, I find so embarrassing when
I have a bad memory and I find it so embarrassing when someone calls my name and comes up to me and I can’t recollect his name.

7) One thing I wish to drastically change about Mumbai is
One thing I wish we to drastically change about Mumbai is its infrastructure. Being the financial capital of India it surely needs to look like one with bigger roads minus the potholes and filth.

8) One ‘hot’ actor I would like to be marooned on an island
One hot actor, I would like to be marooned on an island would be my wife. Supriya is not only a great actor but she’s also hot and we both love beach holidays.

9) My favourite destination/s both foreign and Indian
My favourite holiday destination in India is Goa and abroad, I love Paris and New York as both the destinations are ideal for shopping and long walks.

10) If I ever merit a Bollywood movie debut I would love to be cast opposite (and why)
If I ever merit a Bollywood movie debut I would love to cast opposite… it depends on the film and the maker. If it’s an Anurag Kashyap or Vishal Bharadwaj than someone who goes with the character and if it’s any other than, of course, my favourite Deepika Padukone.

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