Posted on September 13, 2017 at 2:50 pm

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Pratham Kunwar: The minute the director said action to me I was all alive

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We caught up with Pratham Kunwar who is currently a part of Siddarth Kumar Tewary’s Mahakaali Anth Hi Arambh Hai for a quick chat. Here’s what transpired…

You have made place in the hearts of the viewers with your good looks, mind-blowing acting skills and your dedication towards work. Comment.
God has been kind. I’m glad people liked my performances the dedication for the work comes with the fabulous response that the viewers keep showering me with and that is what motivates me to do better.

You are best known for the lead role of Shatrughan in the show Siya Ke Ram. What do you have to say about that?
Well, it was a big grand show and keeping my age in mind this was the most appropriate role for me. I’m grateful to the producers and the channel for giving me this beautiful platform.

A blast from the past- tell us how you got into the television world?
After my finishing school at Kishor Namit Kapoor, I was lucky to get my first break with Balaji Telefilms within a month inspires of my chocolate boy looks to my utter surprise I had landed the role of a Road side Romeo! Groggy sleepy irritable and tired.

How did you feel facing the camera for the first time?
The call time given to me was 12 midnight and the actual shot was canned at 5 am, all the initial excitement had evaporated into thin air. And a co-actor would not get her lines right was not making it any better but the minute the director said action to me I was all alive.

What’s the one skill wish you have developed earlier?
In spite of having trained at the Suresh Wadkar Academy for months on end I couldn’t continue due to a 9 to 5 corporate job. This is 1 skill I would have loved to develop.

How did you cope up with the very tough and demanding schedule of television?
Actors find a various activity to keep them entertained themselves on the set so when we are not rehearsing our lines you could find me playing games cards jamming with likeminded co-actors and even our dhotis would not stop us from enjoying a game of cricket.

How is to be constantly judged when you make an appearance?
You know what. I’m very comfortable in my skin even when I’m out at an event or anywhere I have no qualms being approached by my fans for selfies and I never get pressurized by being judged.

You are immensely popular among girls because of your good looks what do you have to say about that?
God has been kind to all the girls who want more can follow me on my Instagram and my other social platforms. Different strokes for different folks like I said earlier I’m very comfortable in my skin.

How important is it for an actor to look good onscreen?
It’s very important and to keep that going you will find me every morning at 6 am religiously at the J W Marriott pool or a jog at Juhu Beach.

How much importance do you give to your grooming?
A lot of grooming that I learnt was while shooting my portfolio with ace fashion photographer Vicky Idnani not only did we get great pictures I also learnt a lot about clothes make up hair while shooting with him.


Anyone one message for your fans
Whatever I am is because of the love of my fans and I want to tell each one that your body is the temple of your soul which will stay with you till you die to keep your mind free and your body Fit. Love Pratham.

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