Posted on September 8, 2017 at 7:48 am

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Karan Oberoi: I could barely walk post my accident

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Stunts are part and parcel of an actor’s life and these come with risks. A recent example of this is actor Karan Oberoi. Karan met with an unfortunate accident while shooting a sequence for his debut film Strawberry Point. The scene required him to jump from the second floor of a building, but, he ended up hurting himself. When asked about it, the actor says,

“The injury happened on the set of my debut film Strawberry Point. While shooting with a chase sequence, I was supposed to jump from the second floor of the house, on to card board boxes. Although I was wearing a body rig, I jumped and miscalculated my landing position and landed on my back, on the concrete floor. My back snapped and I had a herniated lower disc.”

Karan was in a bad shape and had to be given immediate medical aid.

“I could barely walk post that. I had to be carried back by four people to the hospital. I was given pain killer injections and told to take bed rest for a month!”

However, work has always been a priority for Karan. Says the actor,

“As we were running on a very tight schedule, I could not afford to be on the bed. So I took pain killer injections, got my back wrapped in plaster and went back to finish the stunt! The plan was that I would show my body double the stunt in rehearsal and then he would do it later!”

However, Karan managed to give the shot on his own.

“I suggested to my director that we roll the camera while rehearsing as well. Fortunately, we got the shot in one take, thanks to the tremendous planning and meticulous execution by our steady camera person Vasant! But by the end of it, I was on the floor writhing in agony. Our director, Prabal Baruah, shouted and ran towards me with concern. Since then, I have been in bed recovering!”

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