Posted on September 7, 2017 at 2:44 pm

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Jai Harsh Vardhan Dhull: It’s amazing to play the same role again

Actor Jai Harsh Vardhan Dhull plays Varun Dev in Siddharth Kumar Tewary’s Mahakaali – Anth hi Aarambh hai. Interestingly, the actor also played the same character in the show Karmaphal Daata Shani.

“As the name suggests the look and the character are very interesting and that’s what motivates me to live the character. I’ve played the same character in the show Shani as well, with the same production house. Undoubtedly, it is an amazing feeling to be given the same role to play again. This is my third show with Swastik productions. After observing myself in the previous shows, I’ve tried to do it more passionately and I’ve put in efforts wherever I felt were required,”

he says.

Talking about working with Swastik Productions again, Jai says,

“Working with Siddharth sir and Rahul sir is indeed a pleasure. I’ve been working with them on previous shows and I admire them for who they are. Not only on a professional front, but otherwise as well, I share a different bond with them. Always caring and concerned, they’ve never let anyone feel deprived of anything and are kind and helpful always. And indeed I’d always want to keep working with producers like them.”

The rest of the team is also amazing, says Jai,

“I’m a very friendly person and have bonded with everyone in the show. I really miss Gagan and Arjit, who were playing the role of Indra Dev and Nandi. They were very close friends of mine. Arjun (as Suryadev), Manish (as new Indra Dev) and Pratham (as Chandra Dev) are not only my co-actors but good friends as well.”

Jai has always been passionate about acting. Talking about his role models in this field, he says,

“Akshay Kumar and Hrithik Roshan inspires every character. The dedication I see and how they fit into every role motivates me to be like them.”

From modelling to acting, Jai has had a great journey in the industry. However, he still remembers his first shot in front of the camera. He reminisces,

“I remember it was a few years back when I was selected as a model. Like everyone else, I was a bit shy and conscious in the beginning but it was my passion, so I started loving the camera in no time.”

Talking about his future plans, he says,

“I am on the lookout for interesting roles. Playing character of a soldier has always been a dream and I hope I can achieve it soon.”

Being an actor keeps him busy most of the times, but Jai manages to take out time for his hobbies. He concluded,

“I am an actor by profession, a poet by heart, traveller by choice, a rifle shooter by desire and a patriot by birth. I make sure to take out time for everything that is important to me.”