Posted on September 11, 2017 at 6:09 am

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Here Are Some Details Revealed About Bigg Boss 11!

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Everyone’s quite excited for Bigg Boss 11. This weekend, we saw the promo of the controversial reality show, where Salman Khan is dealing with his hot neighbour i.e. Mouni Roy. While the names of the contestants are not finalized yet, here are some details of the house that we have our hands on now.

The house is supposed to be a lot bigger than before, divided into blocks with a celeb and common man living under the same roof.

According to sources, this time there will be blocks. A celeb and common man will live together. Everyone has to work to earn some privileges. Every contestant will be given some facility. It will be give and take. There are bonus points for those who complete tasks. The source further said:

“The first task is to keep an eye on neighbours. People have to spy on one another and inform Bigg Boss. If your neighbour has leaked your secret, you lose.”

So now we know why the padosi promos haa…

Adding more, this season there will be the task of secret dating. A couple will be asked to date and if they are caught by neighbours, they will be punished. If they win, they enjoy privileges. The captain will get a house with all the privileges.

It sounds quite interesting right? Lets’ hope that it is.

In case you have missed, here is the promo of Bigg Boss 11:



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