Posted on September 1, 2017 at 6:03 am

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Deepti Sharma is now Aaryaa


Most actors have adopted stage names for a myriad of reasons. Some believe that it helps stand out in the crowd with a catchier name, while others because of numerology. But Deepti Sharma, who is currently a part of Alchemy Films’ Love Ka Hai Intezaar on Star Plus has undergone a name change because of her fascination for the name, Aaryaa.

Talking about her name change, the pretty actress said,

“We do not have the power to choose our own name during our birth as we get it from our parents. It took me a while to decide to change my name.”

When quizzed, why she chose Aaryaa as her new name, she said,

“Since childhood, I was bewitched by the name Aaryaa. I have always thought that, if I ever have a daughter, I’ll name her Aaryaa. But then I thought, why not keep it for myself and for the rest of my life be called by a name that I prefer to hear.”

The pretty actress, who is playing Mohit Sehgal‘s mother in the show further added,

“Aaryaa is another name of goddess Durga Maa and Parvathi. It also means power and is connected with abundance, wealth and happiness. It sounds positive, which perfectly matches my personality and aura.”

Have there been any changes in her personal or professional life after the name change? The Jamai Raja actress said,

“Call it a coincidence or sheer luck, I got finalized for ‘Love Ka Hai Intezaar’ immediately after changing my name.”

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