Posted on September 15, 2017 at 2:09 pm

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Check Out Some Interesting Things About Sehban Azim

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1) The TV show which made me very popular

> Dill Mil Gaye


2) Had I not been a TV actor /actress I would have probably been

> I am a computer engineer so maybe have persuaded my job ahead or maybe would have been a writer


3) If I go out on a romantic ‘date’ I expect

> It with a girl with good intellect, a good weather, nice food and lots of romantic conversation


4) My favorite snack/s when ‘eating out’ in Mumbai is

> I like eating street food in every city so love to try it everywhere I go…


5) If I ever lose my cell phone

> Now that would be a disaster, though I’ve started keeping a back up so if that happens I don’t lose much. Disaster management you see. LOL


6) Actually I find it so embarrassing

> When couples fight loudly and rudely in a public place


7) One thing I wish to drastically change about Mumbai is

> The roads (potholes), the dirty streets


8) One ‘hot’ actor I would like to be marooned on an island

>Gal Gadot (Wonder woman)


9) My favorite destination both foreign and Indian

> Not my favorite cause I haven’t been there yet by would love to see Ladakh, Kashmir, and Istanbul.


10) If I ever merit a Bollywood movie debut I would love to be cast the opposite ( and why)

> Alia Bhatt and that’s because I think she’s a fabulous actress, she does magic at times. I think acting along with someone is like a team work and it adds up to the scenes if you are working with a good actor, also it will help me to improve my performance too and not to forget she’s beautiful too so who wouldn’t want to work with her.

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