Posted on September 13, 2017 at 12:52 pm

Bollywood Entertainment

Ansh Mehta: Yolk is close to my heart

Short film director Ansh Mehta’s film Yolk will be live this Friday, for everyone to watch. The director says that this film is special to him and he is excited to see how everyone reacts to it.

“I have done short films before but I am very excited about this short film because it is close to home. It is very special to me. I am constantly working on something and this is the one which turned exactly how I wanted it to be,”

he says.

The film is based on infidelity and the director says that he chose this as he felt people could relate to it.

“I thought it was a common subject. People generally approach it in a serious way. But I wanted it to be on a lighter tone, with awkward comedy. I wanted to try it out with different lights, visuals and subtle performances. So this is a subject which has been used before in television and films, but I have showcased it with a different approach,”

he says.

Talking about the title of the film, he says,

“Yolk is a symbolic word for the lead character’s heart. In the film, we talk about the yolk or the innermost part of the character’s heart and how he really feels.”

There are many short films coming up with big actors associating their names to it. Talking about the medium, he says.

“It is a great platform to show what we all can do in a short span of time. It is like a small trailer of what we are capable of delivering in a 2-hour film. You can show your concept in a short time. When you say you want to do something different, it is not just talking, you can show it through a short film.”

Talking about his future plans, he says,

“I am working on a script for a feature film. I will also be writing web series too. I am working on such projects and I will be pitching them to different platforms. I see myself as a filmmaker doing out of the box projects and not going into the mainstream cinema but following my own norms and delivering different ideas.”