Posted on August 7, 2017 at 1:20 am

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Ramman Handa’s webseries No Casting No Couch – Only Ouch gets a new title!

News of spiritual leader Radhe Maa debuting in producer Ramman Handa’s web series came as a surprise to many. However, here is some good news for her followers. Not only will the show feature the godwoman in a prominent way, but it’s name has also been changed to Raah De Maa from No Casting No Couch – Only Ouch! Talking about this change, producer Handa says,

No Casting No Couch – Only Ouch! was an excellent title but Raah De Maa was justifying the script more. That’s why our team of Natak Entertainment decided to change the title.”

The producer adds that he has got a positive feedback for the changed title. He says,

“People are loving the new title and are excited to watch the series. The poster has not yet been revealed but we are sure the audience will like the poster and will love the content of the series.”

Talking about Radhe Maa, Handa says that she is the prime reason behind the change.

“The presence of Radhe Maa has influenced me to change the title and her strong presence in the show has justified it.”

Ramman has a lot of hope pinned up on this series. He says,

“Through this series we have tried to show a modern version of India. And it’s an attempt to broaden the vision of our youth. Raah De Maa is a prayer to the messenger of God Radhe Maa to show our youth way of happy living. This series will focus on the importance of family and relationships in the modern world.”

What are your thoughts on the title change?

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