Posted on August 23, 2017 at 7:40 am

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‘Poster Boys’ Is Sunny Deol’s Fastest Film Shot Till Date!

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Shreyas Talpade’s directorial ‘Poster Boys’ brings together the Deol Brothers in avatars like never seen before. Donning the hat of a director and actor both, Shreyas created a shoot set so organized and fun, that the film was completed at lightening speed! Apparently the Deols had a blast working on ‘Poster Boys’ thanks to which they shot their scenes at a stretch in just 37 days!

An inside source claims that ‘Poster Boys’ is one of Sunny Deol’s fastest films completed yet in his illustrious career.

According to a source:

“Shreyas had never worked with the Deols and he was a fan boy of Sunny Deol. With Bobby, he did a lot of workshops before the shoot and got to know him really well. They finished the shoot in 37 days, 3-4 days in advance as per the schedule with few extra days in hand. That’s how well planned Shreyas and Sony pulled off the entire schedule in one go. For the trio, on the last day of the shoot, they had no idea that the shooting is coming to an end as they had a great time filming it in Bhor.”

Well, looks like the bonhomie off sets definitely reflects onscreen with the trailer having gone viral already!


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