Posted on August 23, 2017 at 2:29 pm

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Playing Porus Is A Big Responsibility On My Shoulders: Laksh Lalwani

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Actor Laksh Lalwani, who plays the lead role in Siddharth Kumar Tewary’s ‘Porus’, talks about what it means to be a good actor and how it’s important to stay fit.

You play the titular role in ‘Porus’. How do you feel about playing such a pivotal role?
I feel really blessed that I am playing such an important role. It is a big responsibility on my shoulders. The show is great and so is the story line. It’s a great honour to play this character and I hope I do it justice.

You have worked hard on your physique which is visible. What is the secret of your fitness?
Being fit is very important for an actor. Besides acting well, it is also very important to look the part and keeping fit helps you do that. The big secret is diet and working out religiously. I make sure to go to exercise every day.

You are one of the latest young sensation. You are considered sexy. Comment.
If people say that about me, then I take it as a compliment. However, I don’t think too much about myself. I am focused on my work. I feel that is what has made me come this far and will take me ahead as well.

What you think is your sex appeal and why?
That is something that my fans or friends can answer the best. But according to me, I think my intelligence and my way of talking are appealing. I feel that people feel free to come and tell me whatever they want to.

Do you think good looks are important for an actor?
No, I don’t think good looks are that important. An actor should look like the character. If the character is good looking, the actor should too. But otherwise, just being good looking is not enough for an actor to be successful.

Who, according to you, is the hottest male Bollywood actor and why?
The most good looking guy in the industry is Hrithik Roshan. I think he looks so different in each and every film.

Who according to you is the hottest female Bollywood actress and why?
The most beautiful and good looking actress would be Deepika Padukone.

Five adjectives to describe yourself.
My fans know me so well. But if I had to describe myself, I would call myself a go-getter, determined, moody, optimistic and passionate.

Two habits you want to change about yourself.
I want to be more social, I should go for more parties and social events. I feel that is a very important part of my profession. I need to be more on social networking platforms as well. This is the best way to connect to your fans. They love to see how you are in real life and social media is the best way to give them a glimpse into your life.

Will you do a sexy bold film like ‘Hate Story’ if offered?
The sexy and the bold statements are made by the audience itself, I would not mind doing the film if the character and role is interesting. It all depends on the story line. I want to take up roles that challenge me as an actor.

What are your future plans?
There is no plan as such. I just want to see myself growing. I live in the present and like to go with the flow. I have never been someone who plans in advance.

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