Posted on August 30, 2017 at 1:33 pm

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Namish Taneja remembers Michael Jackson on his birth anniversary

Swarangini’s actor Namish Taneja always wanted to become a choreographer and has been a huge fan of Michael Jackson. The actor remembers the ‘king of pop’ on his birth anniversary and made a statement that no one can dance like him.

He said,

“For me MJ was, MJ is, and MJ will always remain the king of pop. Although it has been 8 years since he left the physical world, he is still alive in the hearts of his fans. ‘Legends never dies’, this quote is meant to him only, that’s what I feel.”

The actor always wanted to become a choreographer but ended up becoming an actor. When asked the actor affirmed,

“I started dancing when I was in school. At that time, I used to watch Michael‘s performance on TV and failed every time I tried to do moon-walking like him. No matter how hard you try, nobody can do the moonwalk better than MJ.”

Namish will soon be seen in Star Plus’ ‘Ikyawann’.