Posted on August 9, 2017 at 12:25 pm

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Latika And Kushagre Get A Surprise Raksha Bandhan Gift From Production House

Well, everyone knows that working in the television industry is tedious and daily soaps certainly are more stressful. Whether a festival, occasion or crisis, there is no time to take a break or a holiday, as they say, ‘The Show Must Go On..!’ So, if you are an actor who isn’t Mumbai based, festivals most times bring a tad bit sadness as you are away from family. And same was the case with Ek Vivah Aisa Bhi actors Latika Gill and Kushagre Dua.

Latika sadly exclaims:

“Last year, my brother gave me a surprise by coming to Mumbai on Raksha Bandhan. I had planned for Delhi this time but due to our hectic shoot schedule, I doubt I would be able to go. I was hoping could go for two days at least.”

Kushagre shared:

“Well, I literally lootofy my sister and ask her to take me out for shopping. I was supposed to leave for Delhi but unfortunately I will be shooting continuously. My tickets are still booked, will have to miss my flight, so no Raksha Bandhan this time.”

Well, their sad faces turned into happy smiles in next few hours and they called us back to inform to not upload the article as there were changes. Both the actors got a pleasant surprise from the production house when they were told to continue with their plans.

Latika happily shared:

“I am just so happy that I am finally going to Delhi, maybe that’s why they didn’t let me cancel my flight bookings. I would really like to thank my team and Pankaj Sir for adjusting my shoot. Though late but will reach Delhi on Raksha Bandhan day itself.”

Kushagre shared:

“I am just so happy that I am going to Delhi, it was a lovely last minute surprise from the production house, Pankajji and now my turn to surprise my sister, because even they were sad that I can’t make it.”

That’s a lovely surprise from the production house, we are sure many actors would envy them and expect their production houses to surprise them too..!