Posted on August 24, 2017 at 6:10 am

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Aadar Jain: Aditya Chopra cast me solely on my talent

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Recently, Aadar Jain’s launch as Ranbir Kapoor’s cousin and Raj Kapoor’s grandson started the nepotism discussion & debate all over again.

Says Aadar, who will soon be seen in the film, Qaidi Band,

“I wasn’t expecting the nepotism response I got. I’m like any other boy who has a dream of doing something in life. Yes, my dream is acting and I come from a film family so people will say that ‘Aap (filmy) khnadaan se aate ho. Aapke liye bahut hi aasan hai.’ But they don’t know who I am and what my journey into films and how hard I’ve worked to get a film. Anya (his costar from Qaidi Band) doesn’t come from a film family but she also had to audition for it. I come from a film family but I had to audition for the film amongst 100 other people. Such a great and respected producer like Aditya Chopra is not going to be like ‘Main aapko lunga kyunki aap ek film family se ho’. If that was the case then Aanya wouldn’t have been cast. It would’ve been a girl from a film family.”

He went on to say,

“People respect talent in the industry. That’s how we were cast. That day we were launched, I didn’t know people were going to talk about nepotism. It was such a big day for me. We were all under wraps. I was nervous but excited about taking about my film and work in front of so many people. Next day when I got up I saw all this thing about nepotism. I also want to say that nepotism means favoritism to relatives. Ab Aditya Chopra mere relative to nahin hain. He cast me solely on my talent. I have proved my mettle as an actor. So I’m not a product of nepotism.”

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