Posted on July 6, 2017 at 10:31 am

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Vishal Seth Clicks Jatin Shah

Photographer Vishal Seth recently did a photo shoot with actor Jatin Shah. The two know each other since a long time and had an amazing shoot.

Talking about the shoot that took place in Lonavala, Vishal said:

“The shoot wth Jatin was an amazing experience. We know each other since sometime now. But this was our first shoot together. We planned a trial shoot, but the result was superb.”

Talking about the shoot, the photographer said:

“His body language is superb and as we all know he is a superb actor too. It was wonderful to shoot with him.”

Vishal, who has clicked the likes of Sushant singh Rajput, Ssharad Malhotraa and Salil Ankola, says that the trick to a good photo shoot is confidence.

He added:

“Apart from being photogenic, which most actors are, it’s also important to be confident. That shows on your face. Other than this, it’s important to be in clothes that are comfortable.”