Posted on July 10, 2017 at 10:56 am

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This Is How Vani Rani’s Co-Stars Keep Themselves Entertained

We all know how Indian TV actors shoot round the clock and spend the majority of their time on sets. Sometimes they get long breaks in between the shoot. To kill time and keep themselves entertained the actors of &TV’s upcoming show on ‘Vani Rani‘ started playing Dumb Charades.

When contacted Rahulram Manchanda, who is playing Tanvi Azmi’s son in the show said:

“I, Jitendra Nokewal, Jatin Bhardwaj, Shruti Bisht and Rashmi Gupta are playing younger generation in the show. During the breaks, I used to spend time browsing on the internet or chatting on whatsapp, which is sometimes monotonous. Shruti, who is youngest among us suggested to start playing Dumb Charades. Somewhere in my mind, I always felt this was one of the stupidest games, but nowadays I find it amusing, thanks to my co-stars.”

Seems the actors are having ball of a time while shooting.