Posted on July 18, 2017 at 12:09 pm

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Telly Celebs Reveal Some Of Their Secrets!

Everyone of us has some beautiful secrets and habitats that we don’t love to share generally. But we enjoy it the most and above all, watch with glittering eyes the whole world around us because the greatest secrets are always hidden in the most unlikely places. Those who don’t believe in magic will never find it. Television Celebrities share such confession with us. Some share secret about themselves and others talks about their behaviour confessions and they are interesting and very funny!


Shubhangi Atre:

I have bunked lot of my classes to roam with my friends. I used to lie to my parents about extra classes and chill out with my friends.


Shivangi Joshi:

Many times, I have driven my dad’s car without his permission. In fact, I have even damaged his car twice last year. He is still unaware about it. Sorry Papa!


Sara Khan:

I want to confess that every time I feel in love, I think that it would be my first and last love. However, my experience would be totally opposite. Initially, it would be like first love and then it won’t last longer (laughs).


Iqbal Khan:

I do my work myself. Be it folding or iron my clothes to polish my shoes. And yes I love to pack my journey bag myself instead when I’m about to leave for airport I don’t enjoy communicating to anyone.


Tejasswi Prakash:

Whenever I’m free from work I just love to join with orphans and spend time playing with them.


Manish Goplani:

I can’t sleep without greeting a ‘Goodnight’ or start my day without wishing ‘GMorning’ to my parents. Even when I’m away I make sure to call them up.


Niti Taylor:

Whenever I need to take injections. I need my Dad. He flies from Delhi, so that I can hold his hand while getting an injection. I have a phobia with needles.


Tanya Sharma:

One confession I would like to make is that I’m quite critical about my work and overthink about it for a very long time! That is something I want to cut down but I think it’s a habit now.


Anuj Sachdeva:

One confession I want to make is that I keep saying am on a diet. But there isn’t a single day when I don’t eat chocolate. I live for chocolate. I order for sugar free coffee and then top it with chocolate chunks.


Devoleena Bhattacharjee:

I love collecting waste at home which can be recycled and we can make beautiful stuffs out of it. Whenever I’m free I love to spend some quality time with some good creative-fashioned waste material craft.


Yash Sinha:

I’m really scared of ‘Bhootni’ like those lady portrait  wearing white saree and all. Next is I love things very clean around and love keeping myself clean. I have Hand sanitizer always with me.


Roop Durgapal:

My confession will be that I fall in love with a new hero every time I watch a new series on Netflix.


Mahika Sharma:

I’m not social media addicted. I don’t really check updates or upload mine updates on social media every now and then. And I am also not keen of getting myself clicked pouting and all.


Manu Punjabi:

I love watching Bollywood and Hollywood movies and after that I love dubbing with action the funny or marked dialogue from it.


Sonam Lamba:

For me, travelling to new places which I have not seen and observing the people living there and how they enjoy, is a real stress buster. And if I have my favourite songs along, then I need nothing else to make myself feel really happy.


Shalini Kapoor:

One confession will be I am a shopaholic. If I am happy I like to shop if m down I depend on retail therapy. My husband sometimes hides my debit/credit cards while leaving for work to control me.


Parineeta Borthakur:

I made children from the servant quarter wear my mom’s sarees and lipstick and taught them dance and drama and made them perform in front of their parents while my mom was asleep in the afternoons when I was just around 8-9 years old!


Mitaali Nag:

I use to bunk my classes to watch Bollywood movies mostly Salman Khan ones.

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