Posted on July 19, 2017 at 6:30 am

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Niranjan Bijlani: My Brother Arjun Bijlani Is My Biggest Inspiration

Niranjan Bijlani, who is actor Arjun Bijlani’s brother, says that the actor is his biggest inspiration. The marketing professional says that he has always looked up to his brother.

Niranjan said:

“He is my inspiration and has always guided me to do well in whatever I do. I often take advice from him.”

He adds that he is often confused with Arjun, but doesn’t mind it one bit.

He added:

“I feel very good when someone tells me that I resemble my good looking brother and sound like him. In fact, many times people confuse us on the phone too. If anyone asks me who I want to be like, I will always say Arjun.”

Niranjan and Arjun are extremely close and share a great rapport.

Speaking about this he said:

“Arjun has been a father to me ever since our father passed away. His experience and knowledge has always helped me do the right thing. He always encourages me to stand on my own feet.”

Ask him if he wants to ask act like his brother and he said:

“If I am offered something good, I’ll definitely think about considering it. Of course, I’ll consult Arjun first.”

Talking about his own background, he said:

“I began my career with a job in 3 global services, and then moved to TCS in the banking and finance sector. After this I was a marketing manager in another firm and now I am with Nishank’s Adzione Plus Creatives LLP, where I am heading the marketing for the firm.”



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