Posted on July 11, 2017 at 10:41 am

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Juhi Aslam: Chhoto Will Be A Positive Contrast To Badho And Will Change Her

Actor Juhi Aslam is currently seen in Badho Bahu produced by Dipti Kalwani (Sunny Side Up) and Sushant Kumar and Teenna Swayyam’s (Humtum Telefilms).

She said:

“I loved the positivity on the set. Everyone is very helpful. It is taking me some time to perfect the Haryanvi accent. The role is something really different and I am so glad have got the chance to play this role. I am, or course, very nervous about how my role will be accepted.”

She is playing the role of Chhoto Bua. Talking about her character, she says:

“It is a very dominating character. She is here to get people back on track and bring a positive change in Badho’s life. It is a very strong and positive role.”

Although the name of a character is a play on her height, Juhi doesn’t mind.

She added:

“Chhoto will be a positive contrast to Badho and will change her. She is short yet passionate and glamorous and that is what she will teach Badho.”

The actor was seen in a cameo in Siya Ke Ram last. Talking about the other work she’s done, she says:

“I had done a cameo in Siya Ke Ram. I also did Adhuri Humari Kahani. I am also doing Is Pyaar Ko Kya Naam doon, where I am actor Barun Sobti’s assistant.”

Meanwhile Dipti Kalwani, the producer of Badho Bahu, is happy to have Juhi on board.

She added:

“Chhoto Bua is coming in the show. She will be the support system of Badho. The two will get along like a house on fire. Along with her, four brother-in-laws will also enter the show. Chhoto is being  played by Juhi. Her character is the first woman to have had a court marriage in Haryana.”

Talking about the thought process behind Juhi’s character, Dipti says that it was to spread a wider message.

She said:

“The thought behind doing was to spread the message that every woman, despite the shape and size, is perfect in her own way.  I wanted to get a small girl, who is very confident about her body, and has a husband who completely adores her. I wanted to show that physical appearances don’t matter, only a heart and soul do.”