Posted on July 14, 2017 at 8:48 am

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Chandan K Anand: I am blessed to play Kroor Singh

Chandan K Anand is getting a lot of creative satisfaction since the time he started playing the evil Kroor Singh in Nikhil Sinha’s show Chandrakanta. Chandan is enjoying portraying the role of Kroor Singh as he finds the role one of the most challenging characters he played. So is the grey streak of the role working for Chandan?

He said:

“I am a performer and I believe a good actor is capable of portraying all kind of shades. Whatever is on paper a true performer can transform that on screen.”

Before Chandrakanta Chandan played a romantic character in Bhage Re Mann where his character Raghav was loved by the audience too.


Chandan further adds:

“There are nine emotions in acting and the audiences always love to watch the emotions of love on screen the most. And when the villain comes in between, the performances become more interesting and watchable.”

Chandan feels he is lucky that he got the role.

He added:

“The writer of Chandrakanta is Devaki Nandan Khatri and they way he has written it is amazing. The characterizations are so vivid, I am blessed to play Kroor Singh.”