Posted on July 27, 2017 at 8:14 pm

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Ashish Bisht Drew Real-Life Inspiration For His Performance In ‘Shab’!

National Award-winning director Onir’s latest discovery, Ashish Bisht, has already won many praises for his debut performance in Shab. Many have said that it’s his honesty and natural rawness that made his performance so memorable, but perhaps that’s because the character he plays in Shab is close to his real-life personality!

Ashish, who hails from a middle-class family in Delhi, had humble beginnings. Before coming to Mumbai to try his luck at modeling and acting, he was an executive at mall activations. Everything changed when he landed Shab, a film dealing with the complexities of relationships in urban life.

Ashish plays the character of Afzar, a small-town boy who moves to the big city to kickstart his modeling career. Sound familiar? Talking about playing a character so close to his real self, Ashish says,

“The fact that the role I played in the film was so relatable certainly helped me to experience what the character was feeling. Many of the nuances were also picked up from my cousins who hail from villages in Uttarakhand and have never been to big cities. I am ever so thankful to Onir for choosing me to play the role of Afzar.”

 Having already dazzled with his performance in Shab, the young actor is all set to work with Onir once again in his next film, Veda. We’re excited to see what the future holds for Ashish!

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