Posted on July 25, 2017 at 7:26 am

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Angad Bedi Makes His Father Proud!

Angad Bedi has awed the audience with his spectacular performance as Arvind Vashisth, the captain of the team in the show Inside Edge. He has not only made his team of the show proud of him but also has made his father Bhisan Singh Bedi, cheer out loud for him after having watched the series.

His father is one of the most cricketers India has ever produced and owing to the fact that the show is based on cricket; it was truly a moment of great approval for Angad to have his father like his work, especially his role of the caption in the fictional series.

The duo of Father-Son watched the first episode together, and seeing his son in the blue jersey he surely was very emotional and reminisced his old days. Angad says his father is proud of him and has appreciated his performance in the show

When asked Angad he said:

“It’s great to get an appreciation for your work. But when it comes from your own father it’s always special. Since my father has set very high standards, to try and live up to them is not always easy. He keeps saying if you try and reach perfection it’s always 10 steps ahead. I’m trying to be the best I can be and honest towards my work. He’s happy that inside edge is doing well and my work as Arvind vashishth the captain is getting good reviews. He loved pink and now inside edge hope I can keep living up to his expectations. Sometimes I know I will fall short but I will try and better myself each time”.

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