Posted on April 5, 2017 at 11:16 am

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Evelyn Sharma Launches Evelyn's Secrets

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Evelyn Sharma wants to get personal with her fans; inside out. More personal than her interactions on social media. And for this direct connects, the actress and fashion philanthropist has come up with a unique idea. She has gone online with her secrets.

Evelyn has launched a brand new website called, where her way of getting intimate is sharing her personal beauty secrets with the public.

She said:

“It’s my way to give something back for the love and support I’ve been getting.”

What’s more! Whenever she gets time, Evelyn chats with her fans on the site, and even encourages them to share their beauty secrets with her. A first for any celeb indeed!


So is all the beauty information only going to be for the sake of educating? Or is Evelyn planning to convert it into a business model in the future?


“You never know what the future holds,”

She quips and reveals her dream of owning a spa. Aha!

They say, beauty is skin deep,

For it the world weeps,

Evelyn now lets you peep,

Her secrets safe you can keep. 😉

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